Blue Sequins Dress

This dress is a one-shoulder dress which I’ve worn to several weddings already. The funny part is that two times I wore it the wrong way around, the one shoulder part on my right arm instead of on my left:o) OMG, I saw it only afterwards on the pics. But you could clearly see it because on the back side were no darts of course. At least not at the bust, haha ;o)

The fabric itself is elegant and I like the small sequins. Since the sequins are pretty small and thin, it was totally ok to sew the dress with a normal 90 needle.

At the top of the left shoulder and on the left side the dress is gathered together a bit, that’s where the drapes are coming from. Under the left armpit is a small piece of golden jersey fabric.

The pattern is Burda 1/2011, #110B.

Source: Burda

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