Burda 4/2014 #120 Review

This fabric!!!! I saw it and my mind didn’t think properly anymore, I just HAD to buy this ubercute fabric! I bought it in Great Britain @thecornishaberdashery and the quality is amazing. The colors stay the same after washing and I’m just so in love haha:o) Could go on about this fabric forever but I think you all want to know more about the pattern…

I wanted a dress which was a perfect ‚frame‘ for the gorgeous fabric. So I went with a #burda pattern that has no sleeves, nice details and is wide and flowy. The pattern is 120, 4/2014.

The upper part of the dress is lined and I went with a blue polyester lining. I think the dress is a bit wide in the arm parts but still ok and not too much.

As a little bonus I added buttons which I made out of the exact same fabric. This always gives a nice and extra detailed touch to a garment . When you look close at the front part you can see a small half circle that is integrated into the skirt part. This is also a nice little extra something I really like. Underneath are a few pleats as in the back part of the skirt.

There are also pleats in the upper back part and there is no zipper included. The dress is wide enough to get comfortably in.

The waist band should have been made out of the fabric but I didn’t have enough left so I went with a cord in pink which also fits very well. The little bonus of the dress are the pockets. I looooove pockets even if I don’t actually need them haha; o)

But I don’t follow the Burda instructions on sewing the pockets because it is way easier my way haha:o)

I can highly recommend this pattern if you want a summer dress with a little twist. I’m totally in love with it and cannot stop wearing it:o)

If you have any questions, please leave a message in the comment section!

So stay tuned for the next project, see you soon!

xx, Kirsten

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