Shirt ‚Queenie‘ Review

I mostly sew dresses but since I’m wearing a lot more jeans lately I needed a few t-shirts. What I don’t like is a simple basic shirt. In my opinion, life is too short for basics haha; o)

So I was really glad to be able to sew this t-shirt with a twist. I looooove the sleeves with the binding. It looks so beautiful!! The second great detail is the v-neckline.

The pattern is ‚Queenie‘ from ‚Schnittmuster Berlin‘ and it is the third pattern from them that I tried and I have to say you can tell that trained seamstresses did their work here! So far I didn’t have to adjust anything and I’m especially in love with the drawings on their side. So special and beautiful!! You can take a look here.

Actually you should only sew a little elastic band on the inside of the shirt at the neckline but for unknown reasons it looked really strange. The elastic band lost its stretching abilities after sewing it on, I don’t know how this could happen. So I put it together at two little spots and improvised a little.

This shirt is one of the rare occasions where I took a solid fabric with no print. I love the color and chose pink yarn as a contrast. Since I don’t like the twin suture so much I chose an embroidery stitch to finish the hem. I often do that because it makes every garment unique:o)

I already have cut out a second one but unfortunately so many other things came up that it is currently sitting in my UFO box….hope to change that before autumn comes!

So I can highly recommend this pattern because it’s special and looks really beautiful on every woman, I would think:o)

See you next week,

xx, Kirsten

*Note: This pattern was gifted to me from Schnittmuster Berlin. All opinions are my own.

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