Burda 6/2015 #105 Review

I saw this fabric a few months ago on Instagram and again I thought: Whaaaaattt!!!!! Gorgeous!! I had to buy it. But I didn’t. I forgot about it and then I needed fabric for my swimsuit. I went online, searched for it, found the right lycra and stumbled upon this yellow treasure again….so I thought this is destiny, not much left, I HAVE to buy it. As I realized later, I forgot to buy the lycra…lol… Incredible but that’s me;o)

With this fabulous print you don’t need a special pattern rather a simple one. So I went through my patterns and found this summer dress I really liked. It is Burda 6/2015 #105. Unfortunately I cannot find the link to the Burda page.

So the sewing is really simple. You only have the front and the back part, so do the side seams. Onto them comes a twist and again I sewed it on and it stayed weird after sewing. It didn’t bounce back but stayed straight like a normal ribbon. Has anyone tips for sewing on twists on garments?? I’m using the zigzag seam but it doesn’t help….

Other than that you only have to put on little rectangles to the top of the dress, make a drawstring for your cord and you are done! The perfect easy to sew summer dress:o)

The only downside for me was that the dress is really tight. And I still have a little belly after giving birth last year. I work out 6 days a week so I have accomplished a lot but the belly is stubborn:o(

So I looked into the mirror and thought….no way!! My hubby said: Why? Of course you can wear it! But you know, you have to feel beautiful not only hear it. So I decided to do extra abs workout every day finishing on saturday with 600 (!!!!) reps. I was dying!!!!! But I managed to flatten the belly and could wear the dress!! All for the dress, haha lol

But it was a great push for me actually because I saw WHAT my body can accomplish!! I’m really proud that all the hard work starts to pay off because there are SO many days where I don’t feel like working out at all but get it done ANYWAYS!! Ha!!!! You can do anything if you just do it!!

So sorry for that outburst haha;o)

See you next week with another sundress:o)

xx Kirsten

2 Kommentare zu „Burda 6/2015 #105 Review

  1. The dress look awesome, and how do you find time to work out almost every day? I would like to do the same, but cannot overcome my weaker self…..Greets, Ina


    1. Hi Ina,

      I get up before everyone else at 5.30 am. It’s the only time I have for myself na seven if I don’t like getting up this early I just know I’ll feel better afterwards. But it took me like 7 months to come to the point where I liked working out:o)

      I’m happy you like my dress!!

      xx, Kirsten


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