fullsizeoutput_5368Welcome to my World of Sewing! I’m glad you found your way here 😀 

I’m Kirsten and I’m in love with everything sewing and DIY related. I’d like to inspire other sewing buddies with new patterns or outfit ideas. I love to prove new patterns and am never stop learning. 

Nearly everything I’m wearing is handmade but there are a few things I’m still afraid of doing myself BUT in 2019 I’m going to conquer those fears 💪😊 On my list are jeans, underwear, beachwear and coats. I’d like to get rid of a lot of stuff I cannot see anymore or do not feel good in anymore. My goal is to only wear things I feel REALLY comfortable in! And I’m a total accessories lover;o)

If you have an interest to work with me, just write me an email at 


Possible cooperations are:

– try out new patterns

– try out new fabrics

– try any sewing related notions

– any DIY project related to fabric

Please note that I only work with companies I really like and whose products I really love. I’m always honest a 100%!

You can also visit my Instagram to see more of my ‚everyday-sewing-life‘ 😊